A configurable default location for persistent data storage

content_dir(dir = Sys.getenv("CONTENTID_HOME", tools::R_user_dir("contentid")))



directory to be used as the home directory


This function is intended to be called internally with no arguments. It will use the directory set by the system environmental variable CONTENTID_HOME, if set. Otherwise, it will use the default location returned by tools::R_user_dir for the application, contentid. Unlike rappdirs function, this function will also create the directory if it does not yet exist.


## example using temporary storage: Sys.setenv(CONTENTID_HOME=tempdir()) content_dir()
#> [1] "/tmp/RtmpyF1W0c"
## clean up Sys.unsetenv("CONTENTID_HOME") ## Or explicitly with an argument: content_dir(tempdir())
#> [1] "/tmp/RtmpyF1W0c"