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This function is primarily intended for internal use by other duckdbfs functions. However, it can be called directly by the user whenever it is desirable to have direct access to the connection object.


cached_connection(dbdir = ":memory:", read_only = FALSE)



Location for database files. Should be a path to an existing directory in the file system. With the default (or ""), all data is kept in RAM.


Set to TRUE for read-only operation. For file-based databases, this is only applied when the database file is opened for the first time. Subsequent connections (via the same drv object or a drv object pointing to the same path) will silently ignore this flag.


a duckdb::duckdb() connection object


When first called (by a user or internal function), this function both creates a duckdb connection and places that connection into a cache (duckdbfs_conn option). On subsequent calls, this function returns the cached connection, rather than recreating a fresh connection.

This frees the user from the responsibility of managing a connection object, because functions needing access to the connection can use this to create or access the existing connection. At the close of the global environment, this function's finalizer should gracefully shutdown the connection before removing the cache.


con <- cached_connection()